Zombie Salesman
Zombie Salesman is not a Zombie to plant, or fight with, but he is a helpful zombie that trades you consumable boost items in exchange for downloading one of the two apps he's peddling. You must download the offered app and actually run the program in order to have the offered boost added to your storage. The reward boosts can be:

He'll pop up every day if you have internet connection, unless you cancel him by tapping on Don't show this in the future. But you can always go to the Options Menu and enable him to visit again. The icon for the Zombie Salesman appears on the left edge of the farm view screen. Click on the icon to see what the offerings are for the day.

Note: He'll pop up ONLY ONCE every day, if you close the dialogue, you'll never see him until the next day.


  • Sometimes there are two different downloadable apps, sometimes two of the same app, and sometimes no app to download (blank screens). Sometimes the offered apps are not actually available in the App Store.
  • For some players, the zombie salesman does not appear even though he is selected in the Options. For others who believe they have downloaded and run the app properly, the boost does not appear in the storage anyway.

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