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Zombies Vs. Video Game is an invasion. Zedzox is the boss. Any zombies beside silver zombies and special zombies is pretty much useless.

Required Level: 43+                              
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Ghost: Health: 160 Speed:3 Power:25 Chance:56%

Dragon: Health:160 Speed:2 Power:25 Chance:45%

Knight: Health:160 Speed:2 Power:25 Chance:60%


Throwing speed: 1 item/random sec. Special:Summons a zombie, which all or your zombies must attack (you can tap it to kill it). Sets your zombies on fire

Health:350 Speed:5 Power:12 Special attack: Shrinks your zombies, summons a storm that attacks multiple zombies

To win you need silver/combined/special full abillity mutated 100% master zombies.


Pixel Tree          Pixel Tower         Pixel Block         Pixel Fire         Banner

Note: You can also win the Pixel Tower in the Mystery Box

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