Invasion Aliens 2

"Malicious aliens have been drawing crop circles everywhere! Someone has to to put a stop to this vandalism!"


The second heaviest invasion so far. The only invasion where zombies are not overproven, however it's possible to win with no losses. The minions are not so tough but there are 20 of them, and they can stack up, like your zombies. The boss shoots at you, which cannot be prevented by tapping on him, and he summons lower level enemies: Farmhand, Lumberjack, Crazed Worker, Swashbuckler, Ninja Girl and Ninja Boy.

Required Level: 36

Population: 20 (+summoned enemies)

Winning: Those malicious aliens have been sent back to their planet. You sure taught them a lesson or two.

Losing: Them aliens really did a number on ya, this is a tough fight so make sure you bring some veteran mutant zombies.

Gold (without casualties): 4000

Possible Bonus Gold: 2000

Minions EnemyIcon5


  • Chance: 100%
    Alien Minion
  • Power: 1
  • Life: 60
  • Speed: 1
  • Attack: Slap
  • Other: It comes in multiple colors

Alien Leader

The leader of the aliens is very strong. Be very cautious.

  • Power: 7
    Alien Boss
  • Life: 250
  • Speed: 1
  • Attack:Punch
  • UFO attack: Laser shot
  • Summoning: Lower level enemies
  • Do or Die: Attack start strong and get weaker.


In addition to the spoils shared by all enemies, beating the aliens may give you several unique items:

Bike Pyramid Crashed UFO Satellite Dish

Alien Banner

Bike Pyramid Crashed UFO Satellite Dish Alien Banner
common common ultra rare unique unique


For strategy please read the Invasion Guide.

This invasion added in Version 0.82
previous Zombies vs Robots From level 31 next zombies vs video games from level 43


  • Up to 6 Minions can attack you at the same time
  • The first 4 summoned enemies are always the same: Two Lumberjacks, Crazed Worker, Ninja Boy
  • Tapping on the UFO cannot prevent the Laser shots.
  • Boss will shoot at attacking zombies not garden.


  • Sometimes a 21st minion will come to fight along with the boss.
    Alien Bug02

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