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"Better tell the circus to stop clowning around. Your zombies don't like that."


Requirements: Level 12

Population: 8

Winning: Ringmaster's minions were just circus peanuts to your zombie horde!

Losing: This ain't no time to be clowning' around! you'll need tougher zombies to take down the Ringmaster, so get farming'!

Gold (Without casualties) : 1200

Possible Bonus Gold : 600

Minions Circus Minions

Mini Clowns

  • Chance: 87.5% (7/8)

  • Power: 2

  • Life: 8

  • Speed: 3

  • Attack: Smash with hammer

Circus Bear

  • Chance: 12.5%

  • Power: 4

  • Life: 8

  • Speed: 1.5

  • Attack: Smash with double fist


  • Power: 1.5

  • Life: 40

  • Speed: 3 Ringmaster Icon

  • Attack: Smash with whip

  • Throwing: megaphone, monocycle, stool, clown

  • Throwing speed: 18 item / 27 secs.


In addition to the spoils shared by all enemies, beating the Ringmaster has several unique spoils:

Green Circus Flag Yellow Circus Flag Blue Circus Flag Circus Tent Ring of Fire Popcorn Machine
Common Common Common Unique Unique Unique


For strategy please read the Invasion Guide.

This invasion was added in Version 1.05.

Old McDonnell's Farm
From level 1
Zombies vs Lawyers
From level 16

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